Take a Look at Lakefront Brewery’s Glass Hop Houses

Lakefront Brewery is lining Milwaukee’s Riverwalk with heated greenhouses.

Lakefront Brewery (1872 N. Commerce St.) joins the growing list of businesses offering dining inside enclosed, heated spaces. Lakefront’s addition to the mix are five “hop houses” (repurposed greenhouses) set on the brewery’s Riverwalk patio.

Each structure accommodates six to eight people. All are available by reservation – in 90-minute increments – beginning December 1 and extending through the end of December. January reservations will be available when the Brewery determines its 2021 COVID guidelines, per a press release.



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The houses come complete with holiday lights, white tablecloths and heaters as well. There’s also a food and beverage minimum needed to be met for each reservation.

Lakefront is offering food and drink packages, created by executive chef Kristin Hueneke, for pre-order when guests book their hop house. The regular in-house dining and drink menu is also available to order via QR code inside the hop house. 

Beverage options include brandy old fashioneds, mulled wine, hot cocoa and apple cider (the latter two can be spiked), $32-$55 and serves six adults.

Hot appetizers range from fried cheese curds to an appetizer platter that includes drummies and wings, fried curds, chicken tenders, tater tots and french fries ($27-$60, again serving six adults). There are also sharing entrees, such as a mac and cheese bar ($63) and grazing boxes – for example, Wisconsin delicatessen ($35-$50).

You can make a reservation here.


Photo courtesy of Lakefront Brewery
Photo courtesy of Lakefront Brewery
Photo courtesy of Lakefront Brewery



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