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Milwaukee Magazine has been the city’s premier magazine for more than a quarter century.

Our goal has always been to create an informative, literate and entertaining magazine that will challenge Milwaukeeans with in-depth reporting and analysis of issues of the day, provide useful service features, and enlighten readers with thoughtful stories, essays and columns. Underlying this mission is the desire to discover what is unique about Wisconsin and its people, to challenge conventional wisdom when necessary, criticize when warranted, heap praise when deserved, and season all with affection and concern for the place we call home.

Milwaukeemag.com provides a more timely publication with daily updates of dining, entertainment and news stories. Yet the mission remains the same: to provide broad-ranging coverage of the metro area that is smart, fun and fiercely independent.

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Our Staff:

Publisher & Editor-In-Chief: Carole Nicksin, cnicksin@milwaukeemag.com
Associate Publisher: Katie Williams, klwilliams@milwaukeemag.com


Executive Editor: Chris Drosner, cdrosner@milwaukeemag.com
Managing Editor: Archer Parquette, aparquette@milwaukeemag.com
Senior Editor & Dining Critic: Ann Christenson, achristen@milwaukeemag.com 
Associate Digital Editor: Brianna Schubert, bschubert@milwaukeemag.com


Art Director: Chelsea Mamerow, cmamerow@milwaukeemag.com
Senior Editorial Designer: Susan Evenson, smevenson@milwaukeemag.com
Editorial Designer:
Bianca Cabral, bcabral@milwaukeemag.com
Editorial Designer: Sophie Yufa, syufa@milwaukeemag.com


Account Executive: Melisa Mackevicius-Leonard, mmackevicius@milwaukeemag.com
Account Executive: Lisa Baker, lbaker@milwaukeemag.com
Advertising Services Specialist: Jennifer Hintz, jhintz@milwaukeemag.com
Circulation and Marketing Manager: Megan Guzman, mguzman@milwaukeemag.com