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Milwaukee Magazine’s third annual Betty Awards Event honors our late publisher, Betty Ewens Quadracci, who inspired, led, and changed the lives of women in our community and beyond. This event recognizes this year’s award recipients as outstanding women who exemplify the particular characteristics of Betty.

This event attracts Milwaukee’s movers and shakers, who gather to pay tribute to the memory of Betty Quadracci and to celebrate the award winners.

December 7, 2021

Saint Kate – The Arts Hotel
Luncheon & awards presentation

Presented by:

Raven Jemison

Betty was known for treading boldly where few had gone before. This award will be bestowed on a woman who is a pioneer in her field: she might be a chef, engineer, or executive in the tech space. Whatever her profession, she has paved the way with her undaunted attitude, allowing future generations of women to follow in her footsteps

Lucy Mkandawire-Valhmu

Standout Sister
Betty was committed to helping women realize their potential, and this award honors that quality of sisterhood. Whether through mentorship to build the next generation of strong women, advocacy to ensure their voices are heard, or simply lending a sympathetic ear, this woman is all about elevating, empowering, and building the bonds of sisterhood.

Debra Gillispie

Tenacious B
Exemplifying our late publisher’s grit and ability to turn obstacles into opportunities, this woman warrior plays the long game. She might act on behalf of people who don’t have access to power, or she could be fighting for political or legal change. Perhaps she has a vision for a new agency, organization, or building in Milwaukee. Whatever it is, this lady doesn’t give up. 

Kimberly Stuart

She is invested in and excels in an area critical to making Milwaukee a better place for all: communicating, mediating, and finding common ground. You might find her leading a nonprofit, or perhaps she’s an attorney with keen negotiating skills. 

Carla Echeveste

She lives by the saying “with great risk comes great reward.” This woman might be a gutsy entrepreneur or someone who quit a great job to do something she finds more meaningful. She’s a fearless female who acts first and asks questions later.

Michelle Grabner

Creative Genius
Artistic expression was one of Betty’s passions. This category belongs to the artist at the very top of her game. Whatever her discipline may be, she combines skill, discipline, and pure talent to create an oeuvre uniquely her own.

Marcelle Polednik

Quadracci Family Award
Each year, Betty and Harry Quadracci’s children – Richard, Kathryn, Joel and Elizabeth – select an honoree whose accomplishments they feel would resonate with their mother.