Paul Ryan Endorses Donald Trump

After weeks of wavering, the Janesville congressman and Speaker of the House has endorsed the Republican nominee, Donald Trump, for president.

The wait is over. Paul Ryan has endorsed Donald Trump.

In an Op-Ed in his hometown Janesville Gazette, the Speaker of the House made clear his indication to vote for Donald Trump, the nominee from the Republican Party. In it, he writes:

“For me, it’s a question of how to move ahead on the ideas that I—and my House colleagues—have invested so much in through the years. It’s not just a choice of two people, but of two visions for America. And House Republicans are helping shape that Republican vision by offering a bold policy agenda, by offering a better way ahead.

Donald Trump can help us make it a reality.”

Throughout the column, Ryan emphasizes the work being done by House Republicans, and how Trump, and not presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, offers the best chance to advance “the House policy agenda.” He writes:

“Donald Trump and I have talked at great length about things such as the proper role of the executive and fundamental principles such as the protection of life. The list of potential Supreme Court nominees he released after our first meeting was very encouraging.

But the House policy agenda has been the main focus of our dialogue. We’ve talked about the common ground this agenda can represent. We’ve discussed how the House can be a driver of policy ideas. We’ve talked about how important these reforms are to saving our country. And we’ve talked about how, by focusing on issues that unite Republicans, we can work together to heal the fissures developed through the primary.

Through these conversations, I feel confident he would help us turn the ideas in this agenda into laws to help improve people’s lives. That’s why I’ll be voting for him this fall.”

This announcement comes less than one full month after saying in a CNN interview, “I’m just not ready to support Donald Trump.” As recently as last week, Ryan aides were denying that an endorsement was imminent.

Charlie Sykes, a Ryan supporter and prominent #NeverTrump conservative commentator, recently called the Speaker’s decision on a Trump endorsement an “exquisitely difficult dilemma.

Nevertheless, the Speaker of the House has made his decision and now joins the 85 percent of Republicans who support Donald Trump as the party’s nominee.

For another look at the Speaker, check out Milwaukee Magazine‘s 2005 feature story on the Republican congressman.



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