Where to Get the Best Dumplings in Milwaukee

Craving some dumplings? We have a list of places you have to try.

POT STICKERS, SUMAI, MOMO. What’s not to love about balls of steamed or pan-fried dough? Here’s a list of five places where you can find the best dumplings in Milwaukee. 

Map of Dumpling Locations


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Lucky Ginger

221 N. Water St., 414-269-8699
The menu warns about the 25-minute wait. They’re worth it. The quintet of fan-shaped, ground pork-filled mounds are pan-fried just long enough to give them a light char and not meddle with the sublime chewiness of the wrapper. They simply need a fast dunk in the soy dipping sauce, brimming in fresh scallions, before you pop them in your mouth ($9).

Photo by Chris Kessler





360 E. Erie St., 414-488-8036

Each of these Sichuan pork dumplings has a cap of scallions, cilantro, chile oil and black vinegar, and is fried to a tantalizing crisp-tender place that I can’t stop thinking about ($12 for fi ve). For a plant-based experience, try the round, beautifully pleated veggie momo stuffed with curried mustard greens and tofu and served with a more tangy-than-sweet peanut sauce.

Photo Via DanDan Facebook




The Cheel

105 S. Main St., Thiensville, 262-236-9463

I like the gingery, Nepal-style momo filled with lamb and steamed or pan-fried to a light-brown sheen that sets of the elegant folds of the dough. They’re even more succulent with the spicy pickled vegetable aachar (relish) that comes with them ($8-$12 for five).

Photo via The Cheel Facebook




Easy Tyger

1230 E. Brady St., 414-226-6640
The 12-hour pho broth deepens the flavor of these terrific beef dumplings, which have a whisper of heat (jalapeños) and the perfumed sweetness of fresh herbs. It’s like having pho in dough form ($10 for four).

Photo by Adam Ryan Morris




Momo Mee

10 E. Greenfield Ave.

In Shanghai, they’re called xiao long bao. And, due to their deliciousness as well as the difficulty in finding them locally, these broth-filled dough pockets are the holy grail of dumplings. The fragile, juicy creations filled with pork and hot broth are scalding inside, so put your willpower to the test and let them settle in the basket for a few minutes before you start eating ($12 for eight).

Photo via Momo Mee Facebook

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Ann Christenson has covered dining for Milwaukee Magazine since 1997. She was raised on a diet of casseroles that started with a pound of ground beef and a can of Campbell's soup. Feel free to share any casserole recipes with her.