Chefrigerator of the Month- January 2015

It’s not a Sunday unless Meritage’s Jan Kelly has superceded her work kitchen with her home counterpart, gotten her hands messy with chicken parts, popped a bottle of bubbly, and kicked back with her mate, Gary. Ahh, the sundry riches inside the well-appointed fridge.

Chefrigerator Of The Month- November

Do you see any steak in Carnevor executive chef Jarvis Williams’ fridge? You do not. You see chicken. Williams leaves the grocery shopping to his fiancée, Michele, and his mother, who keeps the fridge stocked with assorted home cooking that shows why he leaves meal prep up to her.   Photo by Adam Ryan Morris

Chefrigerator Of The Month

Bacchus pastry chef Allie Howard will not turn down ice cream, unless it’s for watermelon. Before training at Chicago’s French Pastry School, the then-teen chain-watched Jacques Torres’ chocolate cooking show on the Food Network. Her future was sealed.

Chefrigerator of the Month- July

We chose an opportune time to infiltrate Paul Zerkel and Lisa Kirkpatrick’s fridge. The wedded chefs bring the cooking component to Bay View’s summer ’14 opener Goodkind. We captured their appliance in a healthy state of  use in the weeks leading up to the restaurant’s launch.  The duo also caters under the moniker Butcher, Baker. Paul Zerkel and Lisa Kirkpatrick’s fridge Photo by Adam Ryan Morris This article appears in the July 2014 issue of Milwaukee Magazine.   Read the rest of July issue online here, or subscribe to Milwaukee Magazine.