The culinary podcast featuring 88Nine's Tarik Moody and MilMag's Ann Christenson talking about all things dining-related.

The latest This Bites (on 88Nine Radio Milwaukee) digs into a few things that appear in the January issue of Milwaukee Magazine, plus some news from the trenches.

First, the hearth-based cooking trend is gaining steam here and we’ve talked about the opening of the Iron Horse Hotel’s Ash as the latest example of a restaurant that is offering a menu whose ingredients are largely cooked in a hearth, which is located where customers can see – right in the dining room.

I offer up my take on the dining experience there. Also from January issue is a Q&A with Meat on the Street co-owner Alexa Alfaro, who runs the Filipino restaurant and food truck with her brother Matt. I’ll also tell you what you need to order when you eat at Meat on the Street. 

In news from around the city, you have until the end of this month to visit Divino Wine + Dine. The East Side restaurant was sold and is expected to close on Jan. 31. The location of the former Irie Zulu restaurant (7237 W. North Ave. in Tosa) will soon be occupied by a pizzeria called BB’s on North. “BB’s” stands for “Balistreri Brothers.” The owners are Pietro and Mario Balistreri. And in Sheboygan, the Neapolitan-style pizzeria Harry’s Prohibition Bistro is now serving pizza on a Roman-style crust. Learn about that and other plans that Harry’s has for more pizza in 2020.

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