For this holiday at least, the vibe might be just as important as the food.

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Q: I want to treat my significant other to a romantic restaurant meal to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Any suggestions for a place that has an intimate vibe?

A: Although the days are gone when patriarch Branko Radicevic would preside over the Three Brothers dining room from a small table near the kitchen, I feel like his spirit lingers, willing diners to have a little slivovitz (plum brandy) with their Serbian salad and sarma. A meal at a Formica table lit with its own charming little lamp signals something special and from the heart. The room has a softness and an intimate glow. The rich, generously plated old-world food screams out to be shared, à deux. You know what to do from here!

Another idea is to book a table with a little extra privacy. Pizza Man on Downer has a private booth set apart from the bar where nobody but the servers will find you, and there’s something about pasta or pizza that sets the heart on fire (and I’m not talking about indigestion).

Other ideas for cozy tables are Buckley’s (ask for one of the window spots), Lake Park Bistro (ditto), Balzac Wine Bar and Harbor House. And speaking of Harbor House, raw oysters are considered an aphrodisiac. If you love these briny bivalves, Third Coast Provisions is another great choice. Raise a toast over oyster shooter cocktails. ◆

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