Inside the Big Top

Radio Milwaukee gives an alternative view to getting around town.

Last night’s Transportation Circus, brought to you by the fine musicologists at 88Nine Radio Milwaukee, held the promise of spring, with sun-splashed sidewalks and seasonable temps requiring only a light jacket. But I’ll admit it, the promise of free beer from Milwaukee Brewing Co. held more sway.

Billed as a “fun and informative” exploration of alternative transportation methods, the crowd gathered seemed to already be on board with that mission. After reading our April issue, you can hazard a guess that it didn’t take much convincing to get us on board as well.

As first-timers shared stories of their adventures biking or busing for the first time (full disclosure: Milwaukee Magazine’s sales representative Jane Pankowski was one of the speakers, and Milwaukee Magazine partnered with 88Nine for this event), guests were free visit the various vendors spreading the gospel about getting out of the gas-guzzler.

Wheel & Sprocket was on hand (and provided a nifty “valet” service for all the bikes), as was local manufacturer Fyxation. Bublr Bikes and Coast In Bikes had a portion of its fleets taking laps (we especially liked seeing Coast In’s cargo bike outfitted with a living room chair for maximum passenger comfort). The Wisconsin Bike Fed was giving away its branded goods as kids of all ages were lured in by its spinning wheel of fortune.

Keeping with the green theme, the Urban Ecology Center shared word of its do-gooder mission. And the Milwaukee County Transit System offered tours of one of its new clean-burning diesel buses.

I’m not sure if anyone was entirely convinced that getting out of the car is a good idea (perhaps it was a case of preaching to the choir). But for the 200-plus people in attendance, the chance to meet other like-minded people and share a brew or a few laughs certainly made for an enjoyable Tuesday night.

Personally, the tours of the bus proved most successful as my two sons would end up eschewing a ride home in the family grocery-getter. Instead, they insisted on taking the Route 15 bus ride home.




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