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Current Issue: February 2017

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Identity Crisis
How does a Rust Belt city known for beers and brats reinvent itself to the world in the 21st century? We look at MKE the brand, then and now.
By Doug Moe

Shelter From the Storm
Carmen Pitre helped build the nation’s most comprehensive facility of its kind for families to escape domestic violence. But first she had to work through her own complicated history of abuse.
By Zach Brooke

MKE After Dark
Sun: down. Party: on. Our definitive guide to where to go for late-night libations, music, grooving and protesting. Yes, protesting. Plus a bunch of other things worht doing post-dusk.


Lean In
A street drug made with, of all things, cough syrup.
By Eben Pindyck

Burning Cold
Sticky ice racing.
By Matt Hrodey

Binary Choices
When voting can’t be trusted.
By Matt Hrodey

Alex Molinaroli’s pool troubles.

Explained: Ice Volcanoes
The deets on ice volcanoes.
By Matt Hrodey

Positively Cheri
A sight-inspired teacher’s story.
By Matt Hrodey


Home Brew
A couple’s passion for preservation.
By Kristine Hansen

Blazing a Path
UPAF celebrates a milestone b-day.
By Matt Hrodey

Second City
Nick Petrie’s thrilling followup to The Drifter.
By Tom Tolan

Can You Dig It?
Winterize your wardrobe, and get the scoop on one hot shovel.

School Drama King
An innovative local middle school.
By Zach Brooke

Twenty reasons to get out of the house.

60 Seconds With…
The finalists in MKE Ballet’s choreography competition.


Outside the Lines
Mentoring teens in trouble opens windows of understanding and compassion.
By Kristine Hansen


Reel Time
Sin fin-proficient places to get your fry on.
By Ann Christenson

Thanks Be to Cod
Churches and Legion posts + beer batter = yum!
By Ann Christenson

Readers’ Picks
These restos top the scales for our readers.
By Ann Christenson

Band of Buddies
Go-getter restaurateurs who are also BFFs.
By Ann Christenson


Freese’s Candy Shoppe
Since ’28, Freese’s Candy has taken chocolate hearts very seriously.
By Rich Rovito

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