Game Plans

recent survey by the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine found that only about half of the state’s high school coaches have received CPR training, an important figure considering another of the survey’s findings: Those very coaches serve as primary responders in about 78 percent of player “collapses.” In cases of sudden cardiac arrest, each minute spent waiting for CPR reduces the likelihood of survival by about 10 percent, according to Matthew Harer, a pediatrics fellow at the University of Virginia and one of the study’s authors. The survey found that in most sports, only a minority of schools staff…

Home Repair

The mayor and the Common Council strike a compromise to provide loans to Milwaukee homeowners who are here for the long haul.

The Riot Act

We scoured the state for bizarre yet completely legitimate laws.

The Leading Edge

The AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin’s approach to caring for HIV patients has made it a national model.

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Meteor Shower

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Lewis Black

What’s behind this special connection you have with Milwaukee? It was alcohol. I just have always had an affinity for the whole area. You guys just seem to get it. If it weren’t so f—ing cold, I probably would’ve moved to Chicago and spent more time there.  What are some of your favorite haunts in town? Bartolotta has great restaurants. And the bars I’ve just stumbled into, which are too many to mention. Water Street. I spend way too much time on Water Street. When you know it’s one of those streets that you might have been found dead on,…


He’s gone from stand-up comedian to a sitcom about life as a stand-up comedian to hosting a Web series featuring cars, coffee and interviews with, you guessed it, comedians. But Jerry Seinfeld still stands and delivers, too. These days, the 60-year-old is married and raising the couple’s three kids, which might sound like a sitcom pitch. But he says he’ll never do another one of those. Oct. 10. Riverside Theater. When the new year approaches, you expect two things: the ball dropping in New York, and Jim Gaffigan dropping into Milwaukee. Married to a Milwaukeean, he keeps celebrating the holidays…