Seeing the Light

Candles with calming winter scents like balsam and cloves transport the senses all season long.

Photo by Adam Ryan Morris.
Photo by Adam Ryan Morris. Styled by Lizzy Lovas.

1. Cornucopia, a comforting mix of vanilla and winter fruit, by Junk Drawer Candles, $10 at Sparrow Collective. 

2. Spearmint, absinthe and peppermint glitter candle by Rare Earth, $19.59 at Outpost Mequon.

3. Happy Birthday, scented with vanilla, by Meraki Crafts, $10 at The Waxwing.

4. Snow Storm, with a heavy dose of balsam, by Flora and Fauna MKE, $6 at 

5. Four Thieves, which includes a mix of cloves, cinnamon, rosemary lemon and eucalyptus, by Milwaukee Candle and Apothecary, $16 at Hometown Established. 

6. Dreambean’s Pacific Redwood by Bright Endeavors, $6 at Sparrow Collective.

7. Nag Champa, a mix of sandalwood and plumeria, by Milwaukee Home/ECE, $25 at Sparrow Collective.

8. Cozy Blanket, a blend of ginger and white tea, by Coyer Candle Co., $10 at The Waxwing. 

9. Peony by Eco Candles, $14.99 at Outpost Mequon. 

10. Sweater Weather, scented with cinnamon, cloves, cedarwood and nutmeg, by Big White Yeti, $20 at Hometown Established. jM

11. Glazed Pear Pancakes by Junk Drawer Candles, $10 at Sparrow Collective.

12. Cedar Balsam candle by Aglow, $16 at The Waxwing. 

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