These four beers of varying styles are perfect for craft beer novices and savvy veterans. Get yours on April 15!

I’m a big fan of breweries that decide to get clever. The craft beer marketplace is packed, and a dose of innovation goes a long way.

Cheers to Sprecher Brewing for its creation of the new Belgian Progression Pack. The four-pack includes a sessionable and dry Belgian Enkel, a Belgian Dubbel (dark fruit, Belgian candi sugar), a stronger Belgian Tripel (fruity esters, banana, apple, light grain and herbal hints) and, you guessed it, a Belgian Quad (a warm 10.5% ABV with toffee, molasses and dried fruit flavor with a touch of spice).

“We believe this hasn’t been done before all at once,” said Craig Burge, Sprecher brewmaster. “It’s a very cool concept to experience a wide range of Belgian styles in a single purchase. The challenge with an Enkel is most that have been done are forgettable. I felt as a brewery we were in need of a wide appeal brew that is crafted to please the beginner craft beer drinker as well as the experienced/seasoned craft beer drinker.”

Sprecher Progression PackBurge recommends drinking the pack in order (each bottle is clearly labeled 1 to 4 so it’s really easy to figure out). The Dubbel, Tripel and Quad should all age nicely, so novices can not only try a progression of Belgians in order, but also learn the fine (and addictive) art of cellaring. Beer aficionados should enjoy the one-stop shopping for Belgians as well.

The release of the Progression Pack is slated for Saturday, April 15, starting at 11 a.m. at Sprecher Brewery (701 W. Glendale Ave.). If you’d like to taste one four-pack and cellar another, Sprecher is offering a complimentary wax dip kit to seal up the three brews suitable for aging—another smart idea. (Note to newbies: Wax does a great job of sealing the bottle, but be careful with the amount you use. Some waxed bottles require a sizable amount of patience and/or power tools to open.)

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