Single and Satisfied: Reasons to Love Life Without a Partner

There are plenty of ways to be single and happy.

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Being single often gets the short end of the stick in our culture, and at no time is that more apparent than Valentine’s Day – you don’t see a lot of Hallmark movies about single people. But many people live the single life, and there are plenty of ways to be single and happy.

For Ellen Letizia, who is divorced and has been single for almost 10 years, the best part of being single is freedom: “No one’s putting restrictions on you.”

The single life lets you prioritize your needs, says Letizia, a 45-year-old vice president at an insurance company, while also being able to jump into new adventures without hesitation.

Amanda Falkowski, 44, sees being single as a product of her career. Her work as a health care consulting executive consumes most of her time. While she’s not opposed to a relationship, she resists the slog people go through in search for one. “You have to wade through a lot of games and garbage to find a good person.”

Being single wasn’t part of the plan for Paul Loewen, 49. As a young man, he considered a vocation to the priesthood, but after high school, he decided that life wasn’t for him. “At some point, you kind of realize that most of your friends are married or starting families, and it’s a possibility that you’re not going to follow that path,” he says, but he doesn’t regret the path he’s taken. He uses his extra time and energy for service and volunteering.

While still searching for the right person, Letizia notes a final, crucial point: Being single is drastically better than settling. “Being in a bad relationship is absolutely destructive. Not just for you but for those around you.”

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