February 2020

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Let’s Get Intimate

Our celebration of love (and a little sex!) is packed with inspiring couples, sage advice, helpful tips and unique perspectives on being with someone, or not, in this fair city.
By MilMag Staff and Contributors

Wisconsin in Winter

After a few years away, a photographer traveled his home state to get reacquainted. A selection of his images frames Wisconsin’s most distinctive season.
By Mark Brautigam


YOUR 414

Dog Sledding

Wisconsin writer Blair Braverman – and 14 of her furry friends – competed in the legendary Iditarod last year.

Culture Cosmos

A cosplaying father-daughter duo talk about what keeps them coming back to Anime Milwaukee every February, plus a fashion photographer shares her tips on how to look good in photos.

Spring Arts

Your guide to the shows to see this season, from big-budget art exhibits to cozy author readings, and everything in between


The Big Story: Plow Politics

When the snow flies, so do the complaints about city services. Is a bad storm the one thing that could cause Tom Barrett’s re-election campaign to slide off-course?


Now attracting YouTubers specializing in urban decay instead of shoppers, the shuttered mall is a dangerous husk.


Why isn’t it a felony to rape animals in Wisconsin?



Why you should eat it throughout this month of love

Review: Wonderland

Wonderland anchors a very chill Riverwest block for dining and imbibing.


Where to get the city’s best bagels and schmears

Review: The Dark Room

The (shh) very unobtrusive, and quite appealing, little steakhouse at the Saint Kate Hotel


“Brotique” proprietor Geoff Hoen has some thoughts about the vibrant LGTBQ community here
As told to Adam Rogan

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