Milwaukee Magazine staffers weigh in on their favorite places in Milwaukee to have a picnic, plus some tips for an easy, breezy alfresco dining experience.

Nestled between Riverwest and Brewer’s Hill, Kadish Park (308 E Lloyd St, Milwaukee) offers expansive views of the city’s ever-changing landscape. Head to nearby Nessun Dorma for rich antipasti and panini or opt for lighter fare with vegan goodies from Riverwest Co-Op.
– Rachel Stinebring, Senior Designer

The rocks at McKinley Marina are a really fun place to eat, anywhere along the pier — although flies can become an issue.
– Matt Hrodey, Senior Editor

Wait, people actually have picnics? Where they bring the whole blanket and basket complete with sandwiches, etc? I thought that was just something that people talked about doing. I can’t say I’ve actually picnicked in a park in Milwaukee.
– Katie Williams, Circulation Manager

I’m nothing if not a man who occasionally eats outside, and I’ve found that the only real way to picnic in Milwaukee is to find a spot with a view of the lake. Any one will work. 
– Archer Parquette, Editorial Intern

View from Bay View Park. Photo courtesy of Megan Otto.

Grab a sandwich and a bottle of wine from Glorioso’s on Brady St. and bike your haul down to Veterans Park for a grassy, lakefront picnic spot. Technically you need a permit to drink in Milwaukee’s county parks, but maybe that’s why they sell it in a paper bag?
– Karisa Langlo, Digital Editor

My friends and I love to pack up some cheese, cured meats and a bottle or two of wine and head to Chill On the Hill in Humboldt Park on Tuesdays. Live music beats any Spotify playlist!
– Elisabeth Wallock, Contributing Digital Editor

Chill on the Hill in Humboldt Park in Milwaukee’s Bay View area. Photo by Adam Ryan Morris.

Humboldt Park in Bay View has plenty of shady space to picnic and lets you bring food into its beer garden area too.
– Lindsey Anderson, Culture Editor

A cooler of beer and some cheese and crackers sounds like the perfect picnic at Lake Park.
– Katie Williams, Circulation Manager

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The big sledding hill on the northwest side of Humboldt Park is perfect for a picnic. It offers a great view of the park, and the summer beer garden is right there if you’re in need of a cold one. Remember though: cash only.  
– Brock Kaplan, Graphic Designer

Coffee in an old-fashioned thermos is a must, along with a bag to consolidate your trash. – Matt Hrodey, Senior Editor

There’s no better way to spend an hour than leaning against a railing by the harbor, eating a bologna and ketchup sandwich and watching the water lap against the shore.
– Archer Parquette, Editorial Intern