Milwaukee Artist You Should Know: Meadowers

This Milwaukee band blends emo with heartland rock.


MEADOWERS’ DEBUT ALBUM Nothing Wrong And I Trust You is a rousing record about navigating early adulthood. It’s as indebted to Midwest emo as it is heartland rock. Songwriter Ethan Radtke spoke about his inspiration. 

What was on your mind when you were writing these songs?

I’m in my early 20s, and so I’ve just had constant change in the past four or five years, just through job changes and living situation changes and relationship stuff. So fear of change and wrestling with the acceptance of change being a constant part of my life is one of the bigger things that I talk about.   

Do you feel like your band is part of a scene here?

Our drummer is the drummer in LO/ST, and their bass player mixed our album. Their primary songwriter, Stephanie Glyzewski, sang on our album, and their guitar player Logan [Zweifel] played a bunch of guitars on our album, too. It was super cool that we got to invite all of those people into the process and have them put their fingerprints on these songs.

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