The new culinary director at Lowlands Group will have a hand in the direction of all Lowlands Group restaurant menus.

On April 28, c.1880 (1100 S. First St.) served its last diners. With the door closed on that chapter, chef/owner Thomas Hauck is taking on a different food & beverage industry role here, as the incoming culinary director for the Lowlands Group, whose restaurants are known for extensive Belgian beer lists and crowd-drawing patios.

Hauck ‒ who also operated Karl Ratzsch German restaurant until its closing in 2017 ‒ will, among other roles, oversee the menus for cafes Benelux, Centraal, Bavaria and Hollander (of which there now five). 

The chef officially starts in late May and will spend his first few months immersing himself in the culture of Lowlands. This will also include a September trip to Belgium and the Netherlands. Hauck isn’t expected to make major menu changes right off the bat. 




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