3 Irresistible Delicacies to Get at West Allis’ Lucky Bakery

Here are some of our favorite sweet treats.

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LINES OFTEN FORM outside the entrance of Lucky Bakery & BBQ, located in a strip mall along with the dynamite Sze Chuan Chinese Restaurant (11078 W. National Ave., 414-329-2688). Inside, with its shelves of fresh baked goods and menus written in Chinese and English, you’ll feel transported to Chinatown. If you’ve never tried Chinese sweet-savory baked goods or Cantonese barbecue (including roast suckling pig!), prepare for some dazzling discoveries. Here are three Lucky finds:


BBQ (Char Siu) Pork Buns

$1.50 EACH

The sweet, tender shiny-top baked buns – each the size of a hamburger bun — are a divine contrast to the generous filling of savory, smoky pork with the delicate imprint of Chinese five-spice powder.

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Fried Red Bean Paste Sesame Ball


Made with glutinous rice flour, this crispy ball has a soft, chewy, sweet center and a creamy filling of sweet red bean paste, a flavor that’s subtly reminiscent of sweet potato.

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Roast Whole Duck


Crispy skin encases plentiful juicy, tender meat. The fowl could easily feed three or four diners, but I wouldn’t blame you for keeping it all to yourself. It’s exquisite.

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