Wisconsin Brewery Ale Asylum Has a Message for the Coronavirus: FVCK COVID

We were all thinking it, and now we’re drinking it

We’re all thinking it, right?

Whether we’ve seen a loved one fall ill, or a family member lose a job, or we just want to get outside and have a beer with friends, we’ve all had some choice words for the coronavirus.

That message now comes in beer form.

FVCK COVID is the name of a new pilsner announced Thursday by Madison brewery Ale Asylum. It will be available across Wisconsin starting next week and at Ale Asylum’s taproom, using a new curbside pickup system, on Friday.

Photo courtesy Ale Asylum

That taproom and restaurant closed on March 30 after a couple weeks of takeout beer and food operations. The coronavirus has wracked Ale Asylum and the community, co-founder Otto Dilba said. “Never in my lifetime would I expect to witness something of this nature, but to also experience the sheer totality of each and every way this affects our staff, our community and my family,” he said in a press release. “The name may not be subtle, but it succinctly captures exactly how we (all of us) feel about this moment.”

Ale Asylum said a portion of the proceeds from FVCK COVID will be donated to “those working on the front lines at area hospitals and those without employment in the hospitality industry,” though it acknowledged the method and organizations to receive the funds were still being worked out. 

How does one, exactly, pronounce FVCK? Dilba said around the brewery it’s rhyming with DUCK, which I’m sure is cathartic for those saying it. Dilba encouraged consumers to pronounce it however they’re comfortable.   

The beer is far from the first to adopt a coronavirus theme, and many previous efforts have strayed into poor taste territory. On Monday, Vennture Brew Co. canned the cleverly and tastefully named Stay at Homies IPA for to-go sales at its Washington Heights taproom and coffeehouse.



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