What’s Trending in Wedding Desserts?

Sugar showdown: Many couples are eschewing the classic white cake in favor of something more of the moment. Here’s the lowdown on what’s currently trending.

Wedding cake
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Cake Update

“Just as a lot of other elements of weddings that were once traditional have become updated, brides in the Milwaukee area have definitely moved away from traditional styles of wedding cakes,” says Cecelia “Cece” Grade, lead baker/pastry chef at The Cake Lady.

Cutting-edge cake flavors are in high demand, For instance, lavender has recently won the hearts and taste buds of local couples. “It has dried lavender petals baked into the cake,” Grade says. Other hot trends include textured frosting, metallic tones (think rose gold), fresh greenery and flowers, and cakes for the groom.

But buttercream still reigns supreme. “Whether it’s horizontal textured buttercream, a stucco buttercream or ruffles, [buttercream] creates a beautiful canvas, is cost-friendly and gives a vintage feel.”

No matter which way you slice it, Grade says, “Every element of a wedding becomes an expression of who they are as a couple.”

The Cake Lady

Doughnut Mania

Here in Milwaukee, the humble, handheld doughnut is an increasingly popular choice for trendy couples. But the question is, how best to display them?

Tiered doughnut cakes have been a crowd favorite for a few wedding seasons, but doughnut bars, rows of doughnuts stacked on wooden dowels, and, for the extra festive, doughnut hole croquembouche set on a long table are also finding a place in the wedding dessert arena.

“Couples are making peg boards and … we hang the doughnuts on them,” says Christine Bradford, event planner for Hospitality Democracy, which owns Holey Moley Coffee + Doughnuts. “It looks amazing and is a creative way to display your dessert.”

Holey Moley Coffee & Doughnuts

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