We Tried It: Boswell Book Company’s Curbside Pickup

Shopping with Boswell was an amazing experience!

Although binging endless hours of Netflix, Hulu and Disney+ is most definitely occupying the majority of my time, I need a break away from my screen. Seriously, my eyes are starting to burn a little. Between school, my internship and newfound free-time, I don’t even want to know the amount of time a day I spend staring at a screen. 

Looking for a solution, I took to Boswell Book Company‘s website to order myself a new read. Something to take my imagination far away from the current state of the world. After a few recommendations, I chose Arundhati Roy’s God of Small Things. I’ve been into world literature picks as of late, so I figured this would suffice my craving. 

The process to order is impressively simple. Boswell Books put together a nifty little video that shows you how to place a pick-up order. Placing my order took less than a minute. At the time, they were pretty backed up on orders, but notified me in an efficient manner. 

A confirmation email let me know that my book was ready. From there, I was able to drive up, give them a quick call and they placed my order in the cart outside their door with a smile and socially-distanced wave. It was just like the video they posted. Easy and simple. No contact, no worries and I was able to get a new read with no issues. 

I hopped back in my car to double-check look at the cover of my new book. At first, I thought I grabbed the wrong order. I didn’t order two books, did I? They placed a note inside a book saying “Free! Enjoy.” They said it was a give-back for shopping local. Once I’m finished with my ordered read, I’m going to jump into Jennifer Cody Epstein’s unexpected read, Wunderland. They were even thoughtful enough to cater my free book to my taste, based off of my world literature order.

I’ve officially hunkered down for another week of social distancing, but this time with a few new tales to get lost in. If you’re looking for new reads, but want to remain far from the contact of others, we highly recommend giving this a try, especially if you’re out of range from Boswell’s delivery service.  You’ll remain at a safe distance away from others, receive your order painlessly and might even score a free read. Plus, you’ll be supporting a beloved local business. 



Morgan is a 2020 MilMag intern. She's Minnesota born, but has a Milwaukee heart. An Alverno College undergraduate and will be graduating in December 2020 . Follow her on social media @morgan_lemner