We Now Know Who Has the Best Cheese in Wisconsin

The voters have chosen a Big Cheese Bracket champion!

Here at Milwaukee Magazine, we take our cheeses very seriously – and we prefer them sourced from Wisconsin. That’s why we partnered with Sendik’s to create the ultimate Big Cheese Bracket and determine the best cheese the dairy state has to offer.

We pitted 16 cheeses from across the state against each other in a March Madness-style showdown, with each available for a tasting at local Sendik’s. After four weeks of voting, we narrowed it down just two championship-competing options: Terrific Trio from Renard’s Cheese and Mild Brick from Widmer’s Cheese.

And the winner of the Big Cheese Bracket is [opens imaginary envelope]: The Mild Brick from Widmer’s Cheese!

Widmer’s Cheese is a family-owned company that’s been located in Theresa, Wisconsin for 100 years. Joe Widmer, a third-generation Master Cheesemaker, says part of what makes this particular cheese so special is its versatility. 

“It’s a mild nutty flavor,” Widmer said during a Facebook livestream with Sendik’s and the finalists. “My mom used it on macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches, pizza. … It’s just good to eat plain or with crackers and that type of way, too, but it’s excellent in recipes.” 

Widmer also recommended using the Mild Brick in cheesy potato soup.

“It’s a really nice mild cheese; it seems like it would be good for melting,” said Carole Nicksin, MilMag‘s publisher and editor-in-chief, in the livestream.

Photo via Widmer’s Cheese

You can pick up the Mild Brick as well as all of the other competing cheeses from our bracket at your local Sendik’s. We highly recommend you try them all for yourself. 

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