Tips for Spotting the Perseid Meteor Shower This Month

The meteor shower lasts all month, but the best days to catch it are coming up soon.

Ever wish on a shooting star? How about hundreds?

Shooting stars aren’t really stars though, they are meteors! This month many will be visible in the night sky due to the annual Perseid meteor shower as Earth passes the Swift-Tuttle comet, according to NASA. You may be able to witness up to 40 meteors an hour.

The Manfred Olson Planetarium at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee will host an event about the meteor shower live on YouTube Friday, Aug. 6 at 7 p.m. Staff will teach you how to witness this phenomena, and will take questions from viewers.



“I love the idea that it gives people the incentive to look up (at the stars),” Jean Creighton, planetarium director, said.

Tickets are “pay what you can,” because even if you don’t have extra cash to spend, the planetarium still wants you to attend. Proceeds go toward supporting UWM’s undergraduate students, and with a $15 ticket you can also get an individual membership to the planetarium, which gets you free access to all online and in-person shows for a year.

The meteor shower is happening all month, so keep an eye out the next time you star gaze. Creighton said the peak of the shower is the night of Aug. 12. The best way to view it is to look toward the east and to find a clear horizon and “as dark a sky as you can manage,” Creighton said.