This 5-Year-Old Boy Was Just Reunited With His Teddy Bear

The bear went missing after he tossed the bear so high it landed in the rafters.

The teddy bear left behind at Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport has been reunited with its owner, 5-year-old Ezekiel Burnett.

The stuffed teddy bear was turned into the airport’s information desk back in January. After a series of social media posts, the bear quickly captured the attention of about four million people across the globe who joined together in an effort to get him home. 

It wasn’t long until the bear’s family saw one of the viral posts. Mitchell Airport, along with Southwest Airlines, arranged to fly Ezekiel and his family to Milwaukee for the special reunion on Tuesday morning.



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“This moment today is one of the many ways where (Mitchell Airport) is able to show how we genuinely care for our passengers,” Airport Director Brian Dranzik said. “We’re very honored to be a part of this special moment.”

The family had been flying from Milwaukee back to their home in Texas over the Thanksgiving holiday when Ezekiel accidentally tossed his bear high enough up in the air to land in the rafters at the airport’s passenger terminal. The family had to board minutes later, and Ezekiel was left devastated without his bear.

The airport posted a photo of the teddy bear on social media shortly after locating him and he quickly captured hearts everywhere.

“The staff at the airport and Southwest Airlines have been amazing through this entire experience,” said David Burnett, Ezekiel’s father. “This would not have been possible without the millions of people who commented and shared. My wife jumped out of her chair whenever she saw the bear on the internet.”



Rich Rovito is a freelance writer for Milwaukee Magazine.