Mitchell Airport Reunites a Child and a Lost Teddy Bear

The teddy bear is going home!

UPDATE: On Wednesday, Feb. 9, the airport tweeted that the owner was located through the help of social media spreading the word. The reunion of stuffed animal and human is being planned.

On Feb. 4, Mitchell Airport tweeted a photo of a teddy bear found in the concourse.  The lost teddy bear was likely left in the airport by someone flying to or from Milwaukee on Jan. 4. The post attracted 143 retweets, yet no luck finding the owners of the stuffed animal yet.

The bear has a Heart Warrior design on the front, indicating that it may belong to a child with coronary heart disease.


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On Feb. 7, the airport followed up with another post searching for the owners with a photo snapped at the Recombobulation Area. 

The post had already attracted 410 retweets and counting. Children’s Wisconsin joined the search as well. The teddy bear may belong to one of the patients at the hospital’s Herma Heart Institute.”

And Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley pitched in as well.

If you know any information about the teddy bear’s owner, you can contact the airport at or on Twitter at @MitchellAirport.



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