6 Things to Do With Your Dog This Weekend

Doggos rejoice! Milwaukee has plenty of activities both you and your fur-baby can enjoy.

Milwaukee has become far more dog-friendly in recent years and has even dedicated a whole festival, Fromm Petfest, to the city’s furry friends. This weekend, take full advantage of the breadth of activities Milwaukee has to offer for you and your canine, from dog parks to dog spas.

Spend a Leash-free Afternoon at Granville Dog Park

Dog running on East Side of Milwaukee
Photo by Visit Milwaukee

Milwaukee’s first off-leash dog park is paradise for both you and your pup. While they run free, take a dip in the Menomonee River and play with fellow dogs. You can take a rest from fetch and bond with the other humans by sharing wacky dog stories. Granville is not all play, however; make sure your dog is licensed, vaccinated and, while you’re in the park, within calling distance at all times.


Share a Cone with Your Furry Friend

After a long walk or a day at the dog park, custard at one of Milwaukee’s famous shops is the perfect refresher. And since two of the city’s most celebrated custard joints, Kopp’s Frozen Custard and Leon’s Frozen Custard Drive-In, are dog-friendly, frozen goodness is on the menu, as well as a water bowl (and maybe some treats) for your pup. If frozen yogurt is more your jam, My Yo My is also welcoming to canines.

Take Your Dog to a Beer Garden

Visitors to the Estabrook Beer Garden's grand opening on June 20 enjoyed free beer after the opening ceremonies. The beer garden will open at noon each day this summer, weather permitting. Last call is 9 p.m.
Photo courtesy of the Estabrook Beer Garden

You’ll find more breeds, shapes and sizes of dogs at Milwaukee’s beer gardens these days than beers on tap. As you make your way through a pint, your dog can join you at the picnic table or sniff noses with nearby pups. Estabrook Beer Garden is even home to one of Milwaukee’s dog exercise areas, fenced-in places around the city designated for dog-owner playtime.


Pamper Your Pup at Community Bark

This pet grooming center is the closest Milwaukee has to a dog spa, what with its dog-loving staff who will wash your pup or teach you the techniques to wash them yourself. They also offer a full groom, with haircut if need be. But the heart of Community Bark is their Barker Lounge, a space for dogs and owners to make new friends and for events like dog birthday parties.

Grab a Drink at a Dog-Friendly Establishment

Photo courtesy MobCraft beer

Who ever said you had to leave your dog at home during your night on the town? There are now plenty of bars around Milwaukee that allow dogs either indoors or on their patios. Camp Bar locations and Art*Bar in Riverwest, two local favorites, are places where bringing your dog will make you the most popular patron.

Go on a Milwaukee Boat Line Cruise

With Milwaukee Boat Line, you and your dog can both cruise along the Milwaukee River and Lake Michigan while learning about the city’s history. Your dog likely won’t appreciate their perspectives on Milwaukee architecture and history, but they’ll be more than happy to sniff the fishy smells of the river and lakefront.



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