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The acai/poke trend is hitting Walker's Point in June with the opening of Bowls Restaurant.

Ready for June… sunshine and bowls? I can’t wait. Bowls Restaurant (207 W. Freshwater Way) ‒ co-owned by The National’s Nell Benton ‒ is a few soft opening meals away from its official Monday, June 5 opening.

The fast-casual concept menu includes a range of healthy-sounding options served in bowls, including Benton favorites the soba noodle bowl, berry acai bowl, apple pie bowl and Hawaiian poke bowl. If you think of smoothie bowls composed of yogurt, fruit, chia seeds and other “superfood” toppings or brown rice with assorted vegetables and meat or fish, you’ve got the right tenor for this place. 

The website recently went live, which means you can check out the menu, with choices like Thai green curry, the North African bowl (quinoa, pistachios, feta, dried apricots, pickled peppers) and chocolate peanut butter smoothie ($7-$12). 

The Walker’s Point digs are neighbors of both Purple Door Ice Cream and Bowls business partner Andy Larson’s Float Milwaukee. Hours: Mon-Sat 7:30 a.m.-8 p.m. 



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