A Therapist’s Guide to Resources for Couples Seeking to Mend Their Relationships

Here are some resources for couples who want help.

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ARE YOU AND YOUR SPOUSE no longer singing complementary tunes? There are many options available to couples seeking to mend their relationships, according to psychotherapist Kristin Belkofer of Shoreside Therapies in Whitefish Bay. 

Relationship Counseling

“What the couple is basically doing is practicing a healthier version of the relationship in controlled, safe doses,” Belkofer says. For instance, if honesty is a problem, the couple can practice candor as the therapist coaches them through an exchange.

Emotionally Focused Therapy

Suggested for couples who have experienced betrayal or any situation that has caused chronic stress and severe emotional detachment, “it’s deeper than, ‘Let’s just solve a communication problem,’” Belkofer says.

Art Therapy

This “wonderful” therapeutic approach guides couples to solve problems together, using images as metaphors and engaging with materials to express emotions. Sometimes attachment can be restored simply by painting, weaving or sculpting together.

Sex Therapy

Like appetite or focus, if something is not addressed emotionally, it can manifest physically. Ensure your chosen sex therapist is certified, open-minded and aware of the relational and biological aspects of sex.

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