Support Local Brewers at Saturday’s Beer Drive-Thru

Several local breweries are teaming up for a curbside pickup that’s sure to keep your fridge filled a while.

Tough times call for clever solutions. COVID-19 has been devastating to many local breweries and taprooms. But area beer makers are fighting back. Many Milwaukee-area breweries are offering pick-up and curbside ordering, but John Degroote decided to take it up a notch.

The founder of New Barons Brewing Cooperative, a small co-op brewery in Bay View, considered curbside beer pick up on a slightly larger scale. And the Beer Drive-Thru was born. The event takes place on Saturday (March 28) at Faklandia Brewing (3807 S Packard Ave.) from 1 to 6.

“With the temporary and mandated closure of so many businesses, we’ve seen so many of our friends put into a tight spot financially,” said Degroote. “One thing that has been paramount to New Barons, is being hyper local, collaborative and a shared resource for others. A lot of these breweries have been a helpful resource for us, so how could we pay it forward? The Beer Drive-Thru idea was the solution to how we can support the craft beer community and ourselves during this time of crisis. It was the solution to doing that, while staying safe and respecting the guidelines put out by the state and health experts. Plain and simple, Beer Drive-Thru seemed like a fun and safe way to bring the craft beer community together.”

The list of participating breweries is growing. But as of this posting it includes New Barons Brewing Cooperative, MobCraft Beer, Broken Bat Brewing, The Fermentorium, Explorium and Gathering Place Brewing.

“It’s an awesome example of breweries banding together to help each other out in a time of need,” said MobCraft founder Henry Schwartz. “I’m so happy that John came up with the idea and ran with it. MobCraft is glad to be a part of it!”

How it Works

  • Pull your car into the parking lot at the future home of Faklandia Brewing (3807 S Packard Ave) and follow any street signs and barricades.
  • Choose from the menu of beers offered.
  • Pull ahead and place your order, receive your beer (4- or 6-packs of cans), and check out.
  • Head on your merry way.

Note: All exchanges of beer and currency will be handled with extreme sanitation. The crew at the drive through will spray everything with brewer’s sanitizer and wear gloves. Between cars, they will all reapply sanitizer to their gloves. Workers will also accept “touchless payments” where the driver reads their credit/debit card number to the cashier.



Dan Murphy has been reviewing bars for Milwaukee Magazine for roughly 15 years. He’s been doing his own independent research in them for close to 25.