Need a New Book? This Milwaukee Author Wrote a Good One

“Girl in the Rearview Mirror” is worth the read.

Secrets, lies, political intrigue and vehicular sabotage mingle under the blistering Arizona sun in Milwaukee author Kelsey Rae Dimberg’s debut novel, Girl in the Rearview Mirror.

The story follows young Midwesterner Finn Hunt. After leaving a dark past in the dust and heading west, she finds herself nannying for Amabel Martin, a precocious 4-year-old heir to a political dynasty. Sen. Jim Martin keeps a firm grip on his public image by contriving photo ops with granddaughter Amabel and appearances at fundraisers hosted by his ex-football star son and camera- ready daughter-in-law.

Finn, whose own family life belongs in the rearview mirror, loses herself in the Martins’ glamorous lifestyle. But when a mysterious woman begins following her, Finn’s loyalty and curiosity turn her entanglements with the Martin family dangerous, putting her own secrets at risk of discovery.

In a series of didn’t-see-that-coming plot twists (driven, at times, by unearned epiphanies and baddies a bit too willing to spill the beans), readers discover that no one is truly who they claim to be, and there’s a lot lurking behind the dazzling smiles of those campaign photo ops.

Dimberg adds ample flesh to each scene’s skeleton with lush sensory details and fresh figurative language. Finn’s motives are occasionally unclear, her choices ill-advised. But Dimberg’s command of tension will keep readers turning the pages of this thriller long past bedtime.



Girl in the Rearview Mirror


Kelsey Rae Dimberg

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Karisa Langlo is the Digital Editor for Milwaukee Magazine.