Morning Links for Wednesday, August 31

Trump and Walker talk Mexico, Sheriff Clarke is Person of Year, Wolves killing hounds, and Milwaukee encyclopedia debuts.

Mexico, I just got to go: As Donald Trump heads to Mexico for a high-stakes meeting with the country’s deeply unpopular president, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a Trump supporter, opens the Mexican consulate in Milwaukee, dodging questions about Trump’s proposed border wall and mass deportations.

Sheriff Clarke, Person of the Year: The nation’s largest police union gives its top annual award to David Clarke.

Hard Out There For Hunting Dogs: Killings hit an all-time high when it comes to Wisconsin hunting dogs hunted by wolves.

Milwaukeepedia: A group of local historians has joined forces to put the history of Milwaukee all in one place, ready to settle bar bets and boost trivia cred.




Daniel Simmons grew up in St. Paul, Minn., the “good twin” city. He started his writing career covering the midsection for the Mayo Clinic. Since then he’s written about human smuggling by sea in San Diego, the coyote invasion of Chicago and the political circus in Madison. He also got to write about his childhood idol, Larry Bird, for Runners World. He’s the managing editor.