Weed killer, real-time election results, and the Milwaukee area's transportation woes.

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  • There just might be a few holes in the Assembly Republicans’ plan to provide laptops to all high school freshmen.
  • Wisconsin farm groups aren’t pleased with a new proposal from the EPA that seeks to lower the allowable amount of the weed killer atrazine.
  • Public Policy Forum’s latest study, released today, concludes that the city and county’s¬†transportation structure needs many repairs – and stat.¬†
  • An increasing number of first responders and others who helped in the aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks are experiencing life-threatening illnesses, reports Newsweek.
  • A Silicon Valley company will be using voter turnout and “predictive turnout modeling” to reveal election results in “real” time for Wisconsin and a handful of other states. As you might imagine, this plan has its skeptics.¬†