The latest arena dealings, Scott Walker's campaign trail comments, drunk bicycling, and Deion Sanders partners up with a Wisconsin politician.

Good morning, and welcome to Wednesday.

  • Signs point to a deal being reached in the Wisconsin State Senate to provide funding for a new Downtown arena. A vote could take place today.
  • A couple more important details on the deal, from the Journal Sentinel: the financing compromise reportedly involves removing the portion of the deal relating to Milwaukee County’s uncollected debt, and the Senate will need to vote in short order, as Sen. Paul Farrow (R – Pewaukee), who supports the deal, is leaving the legislature on Friday, as he was recently elected to serve Waukesha County Executive. His expected replacement, Chris Kapenga (R – Delafield), is reportedly “skeptical” of the deal.
  • The Cap Times wonders if it’s a good idea that Wisconsin does not have a law against drunk bicycling.
  • Presidential hopeful Scott Walker made comments about the nuclear deal with Iran, the Boy Scouts of America, and the “really lame” idea of minimum wage in his first (official) 24 hours on the campaign trail.