Harsh words for Walker's campaign manager, a Madison cop interviewed on "The Daily Show", and a very scary haunted house in Waukesha.

The news you can use on this first day of October:


A political adviser to Gov. Scott Walker has some strong words for campaign manager Rick Wiley.



A Madison police officer was interviewed on “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” in a segment called “Are All Cops Racist?”



Esquire.com has revealed the hairstyles it says, “no man should ever have.”



Whaaaaaa! On October 2 – tomorrow – Waukesha’s “Wisconsin Feargrounds” opens for the Halloween season. How this haunted house will be scarier than ever.



And in news of a pop culture nature, why academics love to study the TV show “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” which went off the air 12 years ago.