A meteorite, famous hair, Lyme disease, and dog IQ.

Newsy bits that pair well with coffee.

  • Double up on bug spray this summer, folks. Scientists have confirmed a new type of bacteria that causes Lyme disease, the second of its kind, and so far it’s only found in Wisconsin and Minnesota.
  • If you haven’t heard, it’s a presidential election year and New Hampshire’s primary happens today. 
  • Hair collectors should rejoice knowing another tawny lock of John Lennon’s hair is up for auction, TIME reports.
  • The future is now: Scientists have figured out how to test the brainpower in dogs, who can, apparently, teach the rest of us a thing or two about the “link between genetics and intelligence.” 
  • A meteorite might have killed an Indian bus driver near a college campus over the weekend – the first meteorite fatality since 1825, sayeth Newsweek.