MilMag’s Top 10 Most-Read Stories of 2020

A port-a-john raced in the streets of Milwaukee, a gourmet chicken tender restaurant opened its doors and COVID-19 changed our lives.

In 2019, the most-read story on our website was a guide to Milwaukee’s massive Downtown Dining Week. In 2018, you clicked and clicked and clicked on a story about 35 celebrities with Wisconsin roots. 2017 was the year of pizza. Our most-read story was a dining feature about the 30 best pizza places in Milwaukee (watch for our updated 2021 guide in April). 

This year’s No. 1 story struck a newsier tone. It was our, continually updated COVID-19 report that we created to keep you informed about what’s happening in our area. And while our top story took a more serious tone, that doesn’t mean our website didn’t make you smile this year. You clicked on our guides, especially two about burgers, and you also read fun stories about local shenanigans, like a port-a-john race that took place in a Milwaukee round-about. 

2020 was a record-breaking year for our website, and the following stories are why. Without further ado, here’s this year’s top 10 most-read stories on




1. Your Local Coronavirus Update


This was our home for Milwaukee coronavirus news. We wrote our first update on April 1, and continued to add to this story at least once a week into August. The updates touched on case numbers, guidance from local health officials, masks, national studies and more. 

2. What Does the Safer-at-Home Order Say About Going Up North


Going up north is a staple activity in a Wisconsin summer, but was it recommended? That’s the question we sought to answer for locals looking to travel the state during the early days of the pandemic. 

Photo by Steve Halama

3. 3 Waukesha County Restaurants Close After Staff Test Positive for COVID-19

MAY 29

Almost immediately after many restaurants opened up, we saw three closures in Waukesha County due to COVID-19 cases. The restaurants were not required by law to close, but chose to for the safety of their staff and customers. 

4. Milwaukee Now Has a Gourmet Chicken Tender Restaurant


It was big news for Milwaukee when Cream City Cluckery opened its doors in the Deer District. The gourmet chicken tender restaurant serves up locally sourced poultry that we recommend trying.

Photo by Calvin Lemieux

5. We Now Know Where to Get the Best Burger in Milwaukee

NOV. 2

In October, we rounded up some of Milwaukee’s most well-known and beloved burgers. Then, we pitted them against each other in our first-ever Burger Bracket. Thousands of voters picked the winner, which you can read all about here

Double cheeseburger. Photo by Chris Kessler

6. Milwaukee Had a Port-a-John Race Last Night … We’re Not Kidding


In the midst of a national toilet paper shortage, a port-a john raced around the streets of Milwaukee. We got the news to you right away, but after watching the video in disbelief, we still had questions. You can read our lesser-read interview with the driver here

7. The 5 Curbside Carryout Burgers You Need Right Now


Our dining critic Ann Christenson rounded up a list of the best curbside burgers to order in Milwaukee. She deemed all five of them to be worth the drive. 

Photo courtesy of Birch + Butcher

8. How to Get a Cardboard Cutout of Yourself to Attend Brewers Games This Season


During an unusual baseball season, the Milwaukee Brewers found a fun way to get their fans involved. It was called the Brewers “Cutout Crew,” and it consisted of 2-foot stand-ins made from fan photos. 

9. Milwaukee’s Getting a New Music Festival and It’s Nothing Like Summerfest

JAN. 22

Before there was COVID-19, Milwaukee’s Brewery District hosted Vintersköl Musik Fest on Feb. 15. The festival had a Norwegian lineup, beer and other winter fun. 

Photo courtesy of Visit Milwaukee

10. What Are the Local Rules About Camping Right Now?


As spring turned into summer in Wisconsin, outdoorsy locals were looking to pitch their tents. We provided a guide to what was open and what restrictions were in place so that you could plan your escape from society in peace. 

Photo via Getty Images



Allison Garcia is the Digital Editor for Milwaukee Magazine.