How and Why a Port-a-John Raced Around Milwaukee

It all started with a purchase from Facebook marketplace.

Last weekend a video hit the internet of a port-a-john being raced around Milwaukee. We didn’t have the answers then, but we have them for you now.

Mike Casto, the man behind the madness, developed the idea months ago in preparation for the Flat Out Friday race that was going to be held in Milwaukee last weekend.

After word that the race Casto had prepared six months for was canceled, he made the adrenaline-filled decision to go through with its debut anyway.

The race-style port-a-john planned to race at the goofball race, which is the last round at the Flat Out Friday race. Solely for fun, but a fan favorite.

With a party already going on at Fuel, the port-a-john made its debut with a new intention: to bring joy to a rather melancholy Milwaukee.

“I didn’t work this hard for six months for it not to be seen,” Casto stated. “And ironically there was a toilet paper shortage at the same time. I’m glad it brought smiles to those who saw it”.



Morgan is a 2020 MilMag intern. She's Minnesota born, but has a Milwaukee heart. An Alverno College undergraduate and will be graduating in December 2020 . Follow her on social media @morgan_lemner