The new brewer has finished its brief Milwaukee run.

Sanford restaurant owner and chef Justin Aprahamian announced today that he and his business partner John Lavelle have decided to move the Like Minds brewing and bottling operations from Green Bay to Chicago’s West Town neighborhood. Once they’re in Chicago, Matt Brower, who has a Dogfish Head and Molson Europe pedigree, will become head brewer.

According to the release, the company still plans to focus on fresh, locally sourced ingredients when they start brewing again on August 25. Beers will include a cucumber Kölsch, to be featured along with a new Kölsch-style called Dialekt, an oatmeal stout made with Intelligentsia coffee called Nighthawk, and the new Horehound, a moderately heavy IPA. It’s still unclear, according to Aprahamian, when and if the brewery will be able to sell the beer in Wisconsin.




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