Jazz in the Park Preview: Meet Chicago Tribute Anthology

They’ll be singing “Saturday in the Park” on Thursday, in the park.

Milwaukee Magazine is once again thrilled to be partnering with East Town’s annual event series: Jazz in the Park. Check back every week for a preview of the event’s feature band. See all of our Jazz in the Park previews here.

August 30: Chicago Tribute Anthology

Hopefully it’s true when they say, ‘save the best for last!’ The final Jazz in the Park concert takes place at Cathedral Square Park on Thursday, August 30, from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. and this week they welcome the Chicago Tribute Anthology to perform the music from the band Chicago.

Fans of golden-age Chicago can hear some of their favorite tunes from the original band’s first 11 albums at Cathedral Square this Thursday, performed by this seven-piece tribute band. Chicago Tribute Anthology, formed in 2009, also performs tributes to other horn rock era bands. The group tours all over the midwest, with a bullseye around (fittingly) the Chicago metro area. Their show might not be a “Saturday in the Park,” but perhaps they’ll perform the song as “Thursday in the Park” for this season’s last show in the Jazz in the Park series.


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