Some Cool New Murals are Coming to Black Cat Alley

At least four new works of art are coming to Milwaukee’s favorite outdoor street art gallery.

If you haven’t been to Black Cat Alley, what’ve you been doing? Now is as good a time as ever to visit the East Side’s tucked-away street art gallery: there’s new art already artfully splatted on the brick walls, and there’s going to be more.

Black Cat Alley will be hosting a Mural Festival on Sept. 22-23, which will include unveilings of three new pieces by Milwaukee-based artists, along with music, dance and food trucks.

Milwaukee artist Emma Daisy (@emmadaisy) created “In Full Bloom,” a polychromatic woman about 20-feet tall frozen mid-dance and covered in flowers, which was completed earlier this summer.

“In Full Bloom” by Emma Daisy; photo by Adam Rogan
Emma Daisy touches up “In Full Bloom” after somebody graffitied a small portion of it; photo by Adam Rogan

“I wanted something that was bright and inviting,” Daisy says. “I think it’s interesting to juxtapose bright vibrant images in a place that’s dark and not as inviting” — ya know, like an alley.

Who are the other new artists?

Ken Brown

Known for hiding faces in mosaic-looking paintings; a Milwaukee native.

Find him on Instagram @artistkenbrown

David Najib Kasir

Contemporary oil painter whose work is oftentimes inspired by his Arab heritage.

Find him on Instagram @davidnajibkasir and online at

Byada Meredith

This Thailand native finds inspiration from her lifetime of finding home in unfamiliar places

Her work can be viewed at and on Facebook



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