How to Get a Beautiful Lawn This Season

Buying a Simplicity tractor could get you the yard of your dreams.

Photo courtesy of Briggs & Stratton

If you’re thinking of improving your yard’s green space, you’re not alone. During the COVID-19 pandemic, more people are investing in their yards, according to Christin Wam, director of marketing for Wauwatosa-based Briggs & Stratton’s global turf and consumer-products group. 

“That’s become their new paradise, as opposed to getting on a flight to paradise,” says Wam, about this sudden urge to spruce up green spaces.

Wam works closely with the manufacturers of Simplicity lawn and garden tractors, which are designed locally in Wauwatosa. The line also features Zero Turn Mowers, snow blowers and attachments. Simplicity’s tractors are “the Cadillac of tractors,” she says. What sets them apart are not just user comfort –  suspension seating absorbs the shock – but a higher-quality cut into the lawn, thanks to the free-floating motor deck. Suddenly, your yard looks like a ballpark or golf-course, with cool stripes.

“The striping is created when you bend blades of grass. The darker and lighter colors you see are the light reflecting off the grass one way or another,” says Wam. There’s even a YouTube video coaching you through how to create a diamond design into your lawn, and some advertisements tease the possibility of your yard being confused for a playing field by a professional baseball player.

There are five tractor models (Regent, Broadmoor, Conquest, Prestige and Legacy XL) in addition to six types of Zero Turn Mowers that all represent comfort and quality while maintaining your yard. All are considered luxury and top-of-the-line products.

In 2022 Simplicity – whose tagline is “the way to a beautiful lawn” – will celebrate its centennial anniversary. When William J. Niederkorn created the company, he wanted to design products that are built to last. Those ethos remain to this day. When you buy Simplicity, you won’t need to replace the tractor, mower or snow blower every few years. 

If you manage a yard of at least an acre – whether it be a hobby farm, side yard or suburban plot – and “are passionate about having the most perfect home on the block,” these premium lawn and garden tractors are right for you. Plus they look great in a vibrant orange hue. 

Much like a KitchenAid mixer allows users to do more than mix, attachments to Simplicity’s tractors and mowers also expand their use. For example, a 42-inch two-stage or single-stage snow-removal tool makes the tractor a year-round product.

“This allows you to get more use out of it other than cutting your lawn,” says Wam. Other attachments include a front-end loader with a 48-inch bucket, 60-inch hydraulic rotary broom, dump cart and hitch for tillers.

Another selling point? Products are only sold through dealers, not big-box stores, so you can learn about their features directly from the brand. Locations in Southeastern Wisconsin include Thiensville, West Allis and Brookfield, with a more complete list available here.

As for Simplicity’s snow blowers, they are premium too, with amenities like heated hand grips (ideal on bone-chilling winter days), LED headlights and automatic turning.



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