Looking for the perfect gift for your pet? Here are some great gifts ideas from local businesses and makers.

Christmas is the season of giving, but there’s no need to stop the generosity with people-folk. Our four-legged (or finned or scaly) pet pals can also take part in the holiday cheer. Here are six ways to treat your little buddies that will support local businesses and makers.

1) Treat your cat or dog to a spa day

EmBark, 1208 E. Oklahoma Ave.

Go beyond the usual wash and trim with a full-on spa treatment at EmBark in Bay View. Get a styling, a facial wash to remove tear stains, a paw treatment to moisturize dry skin, or a “FURminator” treatment to reduce shedding. EmBark even offers an exfoliating spa mud treatment. It’ll be the classic treat-your-pet-better-than-you-treat-yourself gift.

2) Outfit your dog with a chic, hand-made collar

Candy’s Collars

Based in New Berlin, Candy’s Collars offers a selection of delightful leather and fabric dog collars that can be matched to just about any doggo’s unique style. Candy’s also features a variety of wintertime fleece pajamas for greyhounds, a must-have for the pup who loves to lounge.

3) Forget your phone and get a real portrait of your furry pal

All Ears Photography

All Ears, based in Greenfield, takes care to catch your pet in its natural surroundings so they can capture a comfortable and playful shot. They do cat and dog portraits and also shoot pet/owner portraits. Their work is very high-quality and could easily go alongside the family photos above the fireplace.

4) Get your fish or critter a buddy

Gary’s Pet Jungle, 2857 S. Howell Ave

Not all pets are cats or dogs, and the littlest pets – fish, rats, guinea pigs, mice – enjoy nothing more than a new playmate. Gary’s Pet Jungle, which had been in business for nearly 25 years, offers a variety of fish and palm-sized pets. Be sure to read up on how to properly introduce your pets to new pals first.

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5) Listen to what your pets are telling you… with the help of someone who can hear them

Best Day Healing

If you really want to know more about your pet, book a session with animal communicator Lisa Brown. She offers a variety of services in which she uses telepathy to “listen” to animals. Brown has done sessions with a wide variety of critters, from dogs and cats to rats and horses. She also offers original pastel artwork of your animal’s “spirit.” Your pet will appreciate finally being heard.

6) Pamper your pet with some high-end (and good for them) treats

Fresh is Best Natural Pet Food

Based in Riverwest, Fresh is Best offers a line of raw, grain-free, all-natural cat and dog foods crafted with the help of animal nutritionists. Fresh is Best also offers a variety of stocking-stuffer freeze-dried meat treats, which can be served dry as snacks or reconstituted with water and served as a meal. Among their offerings are chicken hearts, duck feet, salmon steak nibblets and turkey hearts.