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Boots, backpacks and knives abound at Whitefish Bay retailer Yellow Wood.

Thrill-seekers and outdoorsy folks (or those who like to look the part) will find much to love at Yellow Wood, a new gear and apparel shop in Whitefish Bay whose name is borrowed from – you guessed it – the uber-popular Robert Frost poem.

The store offers knit hats, graphic tees from a local artist and up-cycled flannel shirts. Trend-savvy Milwaukeeans are increasingly drawn to the racks of Canada Goose jackets, say co-owners Moshe Katz and Marty Stilling, a founder of Chicago-based outdoors chain Erehwon. Even the shop’s resident dog, Sam, of the Bernese mountain breed, fits the part.

After building a real estate business, Katz says he wanted “to live in a society that has higher standards than simply making more money.” To that end, they stock Yellow Wood with products that are Bluesign-certified, meaning the textiles were produced using environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. Let that be a source of comfort when you’re plunking down $750 for a parka.

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