Have You Found the One? Milwaukee-Area Couples and Counselors Weigh In

Compatibility is the sweet melody behind sound relationships. But what notes lead to lasting harmony? Milwaukee-area couples and counselors weigh in.

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Brittany Howell

Be Free Counseling Services

“Keep your individuality in relationships. A lot of people may lose their originality because they feel like they must change to be with their partner. But maintaining your circle of friends and doing what you enjoy, while still meeting the needs of your partner, is important.”

Bryan Mack and Alexandria Mason

Dating for five years, newly engaged

“He’s hilarious, and sometimes I’m the only one laughing at his jokes.” – Alexandria

“We definitely share the same humor and the same values. I looked for opportunities to be myself, and she responded well.” – Bryan

Kristin Belkoffer

Shoreside Therapies

“You want to establish early on in interactions if your values will be aligned. That could be a number of things – family, financial freedom, autonomy, etc. Getting some of those things out early in conversation is really, really wise.”

Brian and Aisha Barkow

Married 17 years

“I never wanted our time together to end. Her smile always warmed my soul, and still does. What I felt, I knew was unconditional.” – Brian

“There was this feeling I noticed when I was around him or thought about him. I felt his unconditional love, support and kind-heartedness.” – Aisha

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