Faces of Milwaukee 2020 | Building Lives and Changing Communities

In this special section, Milwaukee Magazine introduces you to the people who endeavor for the success of their businesses and non-profits, as well as for the city they call home.

Photo by Boutique Photographer, Linda Smallpage

The Findley Foundation

530 S. 11th St. | Milwaukee | 414-988-307 | findleyfoundation.org

The Findley Foundation exists to build lives and change communities, shifting the paradigm of 21st century Milwaukee – one person, one family, one community at a time. By offering supportive services, such as ConstructionASAP pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship programs, housing assistance, job placement, case management, primary care and counseling services, they are leaving an indelible footprint on the city of Milwaukee. The Findley Foundation was founded in 2017 on the principle of meeting families and community members where they are. Foundation members work in a wide array of sectors, including construction, finance, nonprofit, politics and public service, and they all share the goal of helping people overcome the roadblocks and barriers in their lives with the right assistance, resources and direction. The Findley Foundation takes a unique approach to improving lives – addressing the whole person. Their work aims to give individuals the ability to find resolution and care in every facet of their lives, while equipping them to be their best self going forward. With physicians, nurses, therapists, trade instructors and a volunteer board of directors, the Findley Foundation has made a pact with the Milwaukee community to leave a positive footprint by providing holistic services, increasing the ranks of employable Milwaukeeans and treating the whole mind and body. The overarching goal at the Findley Foundation is to ensure individuals are healthy, healed and whole.


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