Eldr+Rime Has a Unique Take on the Popular Dining Dome

These domes are all over Milwaukee, but you’ll only get the “Stuga Experience” at Eldr+Rime.

Photo courtesy of Eldr+Rime

Eldr+Rime is joining the outdoor dome trend this winter but, as they do best, they put a Scandinavian twist on the traditional dining domes for an all-new experience. The Stuga Experience at Eldr+Rime is available now.

The Stuga Experience, pronounced “stue-gahs” and translating to to cabin in Swedish, will encourage guests to not only enjoy a delicious spread of Scandinavian-influenced food, but also to experience hygge.



Hygge, pronounced “hue-guh,” is all about living in the moment, feeling relaxed and centered and letting go of the hectic world around you, according to Eldr+Rime. We certainly could use some hygge right now!

Each Stuga Experience Package includes two hours of pre-selected beverage and food offerings, including local meats and cheeses, a roasted carrot pate, Danish dark rye seeded crispbread and picked veggies. And for sweet treats? Oatmeal-ginger cream cookies, cake balls, marshmallows and pots of home spiced apple cider and cardamom oat milk hot chocolate.

Reservations can be made online, and each stuga accommodates six guests for two hours.



Brianna Schubert is a freelance writer at Milwaukee Magazine. She is studying journalism, psychology and Spanish and is in the Honors College at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.