Marquette beats Villanova, a comeback for 1984, an arrest for Great Lakes anglers, an investigation for Sheriff Clarke and a few new homegrown Catholic bishops, in today's Morning-ish Links.

Marquette Beats the Champs: In its 100th season playing college basketball, Marquette does something unprecedented, taking down the #1 ranked team in the land, Villanova, during the regular season.

1984 All Over Again: Readers are flocking to the fictional account of our current national reality. George Orwell’s 1984 has rocketed to the top of best-seller lists.  

Fishy Arrest: Federal Fish and Wildlife officials file first charges in massive probe targeting alleged illegal harvesting and sales of Great Lakes fish.

Cowboy Ugly: A citizen complaint against Sheriff David Clarke has prompted a county investigation into the frowny-faced sheriff, who faces growing calls to ride his horse out of town. 

New Bishops: Two homegrown priests are named auxiliary bishops for the Milwaukee Roman Catholic archdiocese.