7 Good and Cheap Burgers in Milwaukee

7 Good and Cheap Burgers in Milwaukee

A good hamburger need not cost an arm and a leg.

1. Oscar’s Pub & Grill

It’s not news that co-owner Oscar Castaneda used to work at Sobelman’s. It’s not news that the Big O – with chorizo, bacon, two cheeses, jalapenos, onions and a side of guac – is a cardiologist’s worst nightmare. But maybe it is news that if we had only 5 bucks to our name, Oscar’s basic burger and fries is what we’d eat. Or any of the other half-dozen or so patty choices on the menu.
1712 W. Pierce St., 414-810-1820

2. Georgie Porgie’s

Burgers, frozen custard, tree fort. A winning trifecta – at least in the case of Georgie’s, which achieves some mastery with its chicken sandwiches (simple to slathered) and burgers (one is the Yee-Haw, with cheddar, BBQ sauce and bacon). Best part is the change in your pocket.
9555 S. Howell Ave., Oak Creek, 414-571-9889

3. Kopp’s Frozen Custard

Burgers the size of a Frisbee? Got it. Onion rings, battered, fried and served up crisp as a newly shorn lawn? Done deal. Get ’em both and drop 8 bucks, max. Throw in a frozen custard cone, and you’re in the low double digits. All worth it.
5373 N. Port Washington Rd., 414-961-3288; 7631 W. Layton Ave., Greenfield, 414-282-4312; 18880 W. Bluemound Rd., Brookfield, 262-789-9490

4. Mazos

There are more than a few unassuming establishments in town that trade in meat patties, but Mazos’ heavy-as-a-rock cheeseburgers linger in mind long after the last mouthful has digested. Buy dinner for three or four at this classic diner, and you’ll be asking for a double bag. Those fearing the enormity of American food portions might want to dine elsewhere.  
3146 S. 27th St., 414-671-2118

5. Gilles Frozen Custard

As one of Milwaukee’s honorary “best custard” locations, it’s safe to say good burgers and fries just come with the territory. Good – as in tasty and cheap. Hamburgers start at $3.70, and prices increase depending on your choice of toppings.
7515 W. Bluemound Road. 414-453-4875

6. Camino

For a pick-me-up on a dreaded Monday, head to Camino’s for “Meat Sweat Mondays” where burgers (and house-made sausages) are just $5. That’s right, five singles. Or maybe the real dread comes smack dab in the middle of the week? With Wednesday’s “Burgertime” feature, you’ll choose from three specialty burgers plus a side of fries for just $10.
434 S 2nd St. 414-800-5641
$5 – $10

7. Solly’s Grille

Looking for a classic sirloin patty for under $5? Look no further than Solly’s Grille, where they’ll also bathe your burger in butter and onions. For over 80 years, Solly’s has served up satisfying burgers to Milwaukee locals and beyond.  Try the “Original Solly Burger” with cheese or without for a taste of one of Milwaukee’s best – and oldest – burger joints.
4629 N. Port Washington Rd. 414-332-8808
$4.69 – $4.89