Pizza from Classic Slice

8 Cheap Pizza Places to Grab a Slice in Milwaukee

Super-sized slices and mini pizzas are the epitome of cheap chews. Go with the dough.

1. Classic Slice

It’s rad overhearing co-workers placing an order by phone: “I’ll take one ‘I’m Feta Up!’ and a ‘Meatallica.'” Even better than hearing that is making one of these formidably sized pieces – such as the Satyricon, a party with sausage – past tense. The daily lunch special (11 a.m.-2 p.m.) is a one-topping slice and fountain drink for $5.50.
2797 S. Kinnickinnic Ave., 414-238-2406

The Paisano and Stacy’s Special from Transfer. Photos by Adam Ryan Morris.

2. Transfer Pizzeria Café

A rim of chewy, bubbly bread deliciousness frames Transfer pies in any size. The weekday lunch deal (11 a.m.-3 p.m.) is pretty sweet – a one-topping pizza with an 11-ounce soda for $6.95.
101 W. Mitchell St., 414-763-0438

3. Brick3

A ravishing ratio of crust and toppings – from caprese to Philly cheese steak – lets you make this chewy slice do what it’s supposed to do: fold over like a sandwich so you can inhale it, neatly, while on the run.
1107 N. Old World Third St., 414-224-6040; served at Dicks Pizza & Pleasure, 730 N. Milwaukee St., 414-272-3425)

4. Ian’s

Wacky toppings of the week (Macadilla Killa, crab Rangoon) are the claim to fame for Madison-headquartered Ian’s. These pie-loving folks do just as deft a job with traditional pizza ingredients, too. And good news for all you vegans; Ian’s provides options you’ll learn to love.
146 E. Juneau Ave., 414-727-9200; 2035 E. North Ave, 414-727-9200
$3.00 or $5.00

Ian’s Smokey the Bandit and mac n’ cheese slices, along with a Wisco salad. Photo by Adam Ryan Morris.

5. Vedo’s

The made-to-order slices are worth the 10-15-minute wait. Fresh and hot, with the ideal balance of salt and garlic; the crust, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.
1808 E. Capitol Dr., 414-962-2008
$2 and up

6. Glorioso’s Italian Market

We’re digging the mini (7 inches in diameter) version of Glory’s 14-inch pizza. Fresh, simple and Italian mama-style. The pizzaiolos load up the thin but sturdy cracker-like crust with sausage, pepperoni or a veritable garden of veggies.
1011 E. Brady St., 414-272-0540

7. Pizza Crafters

If one large slice of pizza is not near enough to fill your belly, experience the limitless boundaries of Pizza Crafters. This buffet features old flavorites as well as pizza combos outside your normal realm of flavor combinations – try the sweet chili chicken, loaded potato or their “Heart Stopper.”
N56 W15560 Silver Spring Dr. 414-436-4306
$7.99 – $8.99

8. Fratelli’s

Inside this modest pizza café, you’ll find medium pies for $10, every single day. While the seating is limited inside the restaurant, Fratelli’s caters to a large population in the takeout and delivery departments. And depending on your date’s appetite, you might even have leftovers for dinner the next night.
6202 W Lincoln Ave. 414-541-0500